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ADHD Diagnosis Aid

Our solution involves the presentation of a 20 min cognitive task, that can be conducted using any monitor with a keyboard, while recording the subject’s brain activity. We do so using gel-free semi-dry EEG caps.


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Patient undergoes Bitsphi EEG-based test

During the EEG procedure, the individual engages in a 20-minute virtual cognitive task while we simultaneously record their brain activity. Before acquiring the EEG data, we generate a 3D image of the subject’s head sphere to ensure precise electrode placement. To facilitate a swift and gel-free application, we utilize a saline-soaked high-density EEG system.


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Retrieved brainwave data is processed in the backend

The recorded brain activity is then transmitted to a computer-based software platform that is connected to the cloud. Utilizing our proprietary algorithms developed by Bitsphi, we analyse and process the data on this platform.


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A report with diagnosis support data is generated to assist healthcare professionals in making their final diagnosis

After analysing the EEG data, we provide clinicians with a detailed report that includes the patient’s probability of having ADHD and its specific subtype, determined by analysing their patterns of brain connectivity.

By utilizing our solution, clinicians can provide faster and more objective diagnoses for patients, effectively mitigating issues associated with false positives and false negatives. This approach facilitates precise identification of individuals who require appropriate treatment, ensuring timely intervention and minimizing the risk of potential misdiagnoses.

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EEG (Electroencephalogram) is a noninvasive technique for measuring the electrical activity of the brain. It captures the electrical signals produced by brain neurons to communicate with each other through the use of electrodes on the scalp. EEG is a simple, quick, safe, painless test with no side effects.

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    electroencephalogram waves concept

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